Summer Happenings!

The lab exploded this summer, but just with people, which was good.  We hosted a visiting scientist, Robert Luallen, who we took out to ping pong when his time was over.

Photo May 18, 3 13 18 PM.jpg

When he didn't end up leaving the lab got him a cake which finally convinced him to head back to San Diego.  

Photo Jun 01, 3 57 14 PM.jpg

We also had the first annual Reinke lab Worm Olympics! Here is a WormOlymPic:

Photo Aug 08, 1 39 39 PM.jpg

We also had a joint lab BBQ with the Claycomb and Ensminger labs.  Rain happened and it had to be moved inside but that at least allowed for an epic match of Jenga.

In the meantime, we mapped genes involved in resistance to microsporidia, identified small molecule inhibitors of microsporidia, sequenced and assembled new microsporidia genomes, and figured out how transgenerational immunity to microsporidia might be induced!